James Mills


kdb is a small pluggable IRC Bot framework utilizing the


Experimental toy programming language based on mio by Marc-André Cournoyer written in Python using the funcparserlib.


spyda is a simple tool and library written in the Python Programming Language to crawl a given URL whilst allowing you to restrict results to a specified domain and optionally also perform pattern matching against URL(s) crawled. spyda will report on any URL(s) it was unable to crawl along with their status code and store successfully crawled links and their content in a directory structure that matches the domain and URL(s) searched.


My Python Library of useful modules and tools.


reading, writing and sorting large files


irclogger is a simple daemon written in the Python Programming Language utilizing the circuits framework for the sole purpose of logging a set of IRC Channels to disk in the form that something like irclog2html can understand and parse.


This is just the blink sketch for the TinyDuino from TinyCircuits.


A TinyDuino sketch to control a 12VDC Unipolar 48 step 7.5deg Stepper Motor with separate CW pins and CCW pins.


A sample TinyDuino from TinyCircuits project that uses the TinyShield 16 Edge LEDs to perform what's called a Charlieplexing technique to light up the 16 LED(s) in a sweep.

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